FNB Wines 2 Whales - Pre- and during Race Nutrition

2018-10-26 08:35:52

With race day now approaching it is time to get your race day nutrition plan into gear.

To determine your race nutrition strategies consider what your race goals are. Are you there to podium or are you just aiming to participate and finish the race? This will influence the intensity that you ride, the time on your saddle, and therefore the type and quantity of food that you need as well as how you pace your intake.

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FNB Wines 2 Whales - Ramp up your eating when training

2018-10-08 04:38:50

By now you should be well into your training for the FNB W2W, and ready to ramp it up a bit.

As volume and intensity of training increases so do your fuel requirements. This is where ‘nutrition periodisation’ comes in: so basically matching your nutrition intake to the requirements of your training. To read more, click here.