Shelly Meltzer

My approach to nutrition is informed through over 30 years of experience having consulted with and preparing persons for space travel, traversing the Antarctic, the Atlantic, the Great Wall of China, advising recreational to the highest level international athletes to organizing nutrition for all international teams at world events including the IRB/WR Sevens tournaments in South Africa, all against a background of extensive experience in clinical, corporate, community and sports nutrition.

I started the sports nutrition practice at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) in 1995, working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, and have initiated many novel projects and programs, also co-founding the Trufood Station which offers bespoke healthy food, our hub based at SSISA. In addition, I have authored and co-authored books, chapters, manuals, academic and lay papers, been part of research teams, developed workshops and courses including accredited on-line courses, have mentored and taught dietitians, coaches and allied health professionals from under-graduate to post- graduate levels. Through my involvement with various professional boards and sporting bodies, and as a member of scientific and research teams, including the SA Rugby Scientific & Medical Advisory Committee, as well as having held academic positions both locally and internationally, I keep the close connect to the evidence and practice of nutrition. The challenge of translating the science into real food for optimal performance, whatever the situation, is my focus. I am also a mother, wife and a yoga teacher.

Shelly Meltzer MSc (Med) Nutrition & Dietetics (UCT)
Phone: +27 21 659 5646
Cell: +27 82 895 6098